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GODS TRUST was established in 2009 with the sole object to take bold and innovative steps to end poverty, inequality and discrimination in India and to support those who challenge the un-equal distribution of the world resources. To render services to needy and sick persons in shape of physical and financial help. Its goal is to strengthen the resource mobilization and capacity building of our Indian Vedic and all other cultures.
It is Regd. under:

  1. 1882 Indian Trust Act. .
  2. 12A and 80G of Dept. of Income Tax, Govt. of India.
  3. NITI Ayog, Govt. of India.
  4. National Human Rights Commission, Govt. of  India.
  5. VIPNET, Dept. of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.

As we move ahead of another year, it gives me immerse pleasure to share some of our recent activity with all of you. Now days it is difficult to maintain dignity & integrity of a voluntary organization in the eye of the public. The concept of development refers to the kind of society one is aiming to build development policies which concentrate on relieving absolute property or in meeting basic needs com properly be adopted as a matter of first priority. Development should be understood as a process designee. Every person has the basic right to participate in & benefit from development in the since of a progressive improvement in the standards & quality of life.

Sustainable development can’t possible in cause of spending money in rural area through various development scheme without awareness in various sector i.e. education, healthcare, agriculture in grass root level. So GODS TRUST has been implemented various awareness & education programme for the grass root for their own development.


A drop of blood is gift of Life. So GODS TRUST always try to give massage “Donate Blood Donate Life” among the people. GODS TRUT arranged many Blood Donation Camps in various districts of Odisha in every year. Now we have start to different types of campaign.  There are so many problems to collect the blood for a poor patient. For avoid this problem we develop a new system in our web site that a person can collect so many donor’s name in his respective area.  This new type of system for blood donation will bring a revolution for new generation.

To help of a poor people we are arranged this type of same campaigning for EYE & KIDNEY.

SECC Project Govt. of India.

We have done this project in Cuttack District, Odisha.

VTP Project, Govt. Of India.

We have selected for this programme.


Untitled GODS TRUST organized   several rallies & meeting in different districts of Odisha & its vicinity to stop cruelty to animals. It also campaigned against slaughter in animals in road side which amount not only cruelty to animal but also it makes adverse impact on children. So GODS TRUST tries to aware people about animal welfare, through meetings & rallies in various villages as well as districts in Odisha. GODS TRUST arranged a statue of Bhagaban Shree Krishna and cow with his mother Yoshoda, in clay material. And worship the statue. By these activities GODS TRUST gave a massage that “From the beginning Bhagaban Shree Krishna also loved & took care of animals. So why we are backward for this activities?”.


book photo1 book photo2 GODS TRUST published the Vedic and cultutal books by one of the best Vedic researcher, writer & orator in Odisha, Mr. Nirmalendu Nayak. You can see our Book Publication sector. Book Stalls are arranged by us in Rajdhani Book Fair, unit –III, Bhubaneswar and also other placed in Odisha.


female feoticide Gender issue has been a critical problem of our society from very first of creation. GODS TRUST organized “Campaign against Female Foeticide” in different villages of Bhadrak & Khurdha district of Odisha. A signature campaign was arranged by GODS TRUST at Rajdhani Book Fair, Bhubaneswar and other places in Odisha.
Our small efforts towards female foeticide may develop a ray of hope in parents for realizing the essentiality of female in Society and it may develop the spirit towards female foeticide in place of destruction.


Computer In day to day affair, computer is play vital role in the society. To make computer every ones understanding, we have introduced computer literacy programmes in Odia, Hindi & English language. We arranged free Computer education and training for poor students. We provide a better class education in computer science and also offers courses similar to PGDCA, DCA etc.

GODS TRUST has been taking special steps to promote Environment Training & Awareness programme in its work area. GODS TRUST organized so many training programmes & awareness programmes in village & block level by its volunteers. To make award the local people are included. We created local committees to make awareness among people. We also arranged essay, debate, drawing competition to create awareness among the students. Meetings & Trainings are organized in village level Youth Club, Mahila Samiti, SHG members & group discussion are held on whose main topic is regarding Environment in Bhadrak, Khurda, Cuttack, Nayagarh and other places in Odisha. Hence, people are taking the Environmental Training & awareness Programme very positively in different levels. GODS TRUST made its opinion how to save the destruction of environment & to create an ecological balance is environment.


We have arranged different types of Cultural Programmes. In this there arranged seminars, Road Drama, Competitions etc. and awarded to the participants.

These Programmes are based on

HIV & AIDS Control Awareness:

health There was arranged a Debate Competition on HIV & AIDS Control. In this so many participants are participate and the GODS TRUST awarded the winners. Our Road Drama and Rally in different area. People of these places were impressed by the programme and mainly by the road side dramas by the voluntaries of GODS TRUST. AIDS is mainly a sexual transmitted disease. So people were educated to lead a healthy sexual life, to be loyal with one’s spouse, the role of contraceptives in AIDS control etc., the youth groups like college students, daily labourers, migrated labourers, truck drivers are mainly interacted.

Awareness on Language:

Language GODS TRUST always tries to provide well education to children, students & illiterate persons. Our National Language is Hindi. Local Language is Odia. And ancient Rasrtra Bhasha is Sanskrit. GODS TRUST buys so many books in Sanskrit, Hindi & Odia language books and taught to students & illiterate persons.

Disability Rehabilitation  Programme:

GODS TRUST has organized Rehabilitation Training programme for disable persons (i.e. VI, HI, MR persons) in Bhadrak, Khurdha, Puri, Nayagarh districts. Near about 500 physical disable persons attended this programme. GODS TRUST has distributed equipments to provide them apart from disability counselling programme has been organised. Their parents & guardians have told their day to day problems.

Yoga Training & Competition:

GODS TRUST has always given prior importance on health. Hence GODS TRUST organized Yoga training & Competition in M.E. & High school Level of Bhadrak, Khurda districts. Near about 350 students are participate in this programme.



National Education & Cultural Training Programme   was arranged by GODS TRUST. In this programme so many participants were participated.


White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, India, launched a year-long campaign in New Delhi to mark National Safe Motherhood Day.  The campaign sought stronger commitment among various stakeholders to play an active role in promoting safe motherhood. Every day, almost 1,000 women die in pregnancy or childbirth. Every ninety seconds, the loss of a mother shatters a family and threatens the well-being of surviving children. Evidence shows that infants whose mothers die are more likely to die before reaching their second birthday than infants whose mothers survive. And for every woman who dies, 20 or more experience serious complications.

Of the hundreds of thousands of women who die during pregnancy or childbirth each year in World. The majority of women are dying from severe bleeding, infections, eclampsia, obstructed labour and the consequences of unsafe abortions–all causes for which we have highly effective interventions.

Therefore, GODS TRUST organised so many programmes for Safe Mother Hood Day with the help of its members & voluntaries to aware public by arranged meetings with the help of SHG, Youth Clubs and the Villagers.

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